NDIS Epping—Best NDIS Service Provider for Short Term Accommodation and Community Participation

People with disabilities need to contend with endless challenges in their daily lives. While larger obstacles may take precedence, the importance of community involvement and social interactions should not be overlooked. Loneliness and isolation are major risks for individuals with impairments. That is why Sheltering Arms, a registered NDIS provider is dedicated to providing comprehensive services to enrich your social life and foster community engagement.

Our primary focus in Epping revolves around two areas— to provide NDIS short term accommodation and to encourage social and community engagement among participants.

  • Short Term Accommodation (STA)

    Living in close proximity to like-minded individuals can make a world of difference in building connections and fostering a sense of community. Sheltering Arms provides NDIS short term accommodation services, offering a welcoming and safe space for individuals seeking respite or looking to explore new living arrangements.

    In our STA facilities, you get to meet new people, relax in a safe space, and receive assistance with daily activities. Whether it’s bonding over gardening, watching movies, or preparing healthy meals together, you will have the opportunity to make lifelong friends and have a great time with the community.

  • Social and Community Participation NDIS

    People with disabilities should not live with the constant fear of being rejected or misunderstood. That’s why it is so important to keep engaging with other people in the community. Community engagement boosts confidence and gives you the chance to make new friends and avoid loneliness.

    At Sheltering Arms, we take community engagement very seriously and it is integrated into many aspects of our support. From transport to respite care and short term accommodation, we aim to cater to all of your needs.

Other NDIS Services We Offer

At Sheltering Arms, we are committed to providing comprehensive and personalised care for individuals with disabilities. Our range of NDIS services includes:

  • NDIS Medium Term Accommodation (MTA)

    Our NDIS medium term accommodation service allows individuals with disabilities to reside in a comfortable home with complete access to NDIS Medium Term Accommodation Providers and a community of like-minded individuals. MTA service helps individuals whose homes are undergoing modifications.

    These accommodations in Epping are conveniently located near shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants, and cultural hubs. We ensure a safe and inclusive living environment with a 24-hour program tailored to individuals with complex and diverse needs.

  • NDIS Supported Independent Living (SIL)

    Funded by the NDIS, this programme is intended for people who require round-the-clock care. This program enables individuals to share living spaces with compatible housemates, striking a balance between interdependence and independence.

    Under the NDIS Supported Independent Living plan, we provide participants with shared or even private lodging, assistance with household and personal tasks, and opportunities for community participation. Tailored to your specific needs, the supported living model can help you learn new skills and develop self-sufficiency.

  • NDIS Transportation Services

    Navigating transportation can be a challenge for individuals with disabilities. Our NDIS Transport Services are designed to provide seamless travel experiences, which include helping you undertake long and short journeys, keep your appointments, attend social events, and even modify your personal vehicle to exact specifications. Our dedicated NDIS transport providers are available throughout the day to ensure your travel experience is quick and hassle-free.

  • NDIS Assistance With Daily Life

    The assistance with activities of daily living program is designed for individuals who are mostly independent but may require assistance with certain tasks. We offer individualised support in varying settings, enabling you to live freely and independently without unnecessary hurdles.  Our services include NDIS home care services, meal preparation, administering medicines, household chores, financial management, transportation, and personal development.

  • NDIS Recreational Activities

    At Sheltering Arms, we facilitate a diverse range of diversity sports and recreational activities, providing individuals with enjoyable and inclusive opportunities for leisure and personal development. From sports and arts to nature outings and cultural events, we strive to enhance the recreational experiences of NDIS participants, promoting their well-being and overall quality of life.

Why is Community Participation Essential for People with Disabilities?

Suffering from a disability can be quite isolating and instil a fear of being rejected by society. While nothing can stop this fear from setting in, it can be managed by living with like-minded individuals and actively engaging in the community.

There are countless benefits of NDIS social and community participation among NDIS participants at Sheltering Arms:

  • Inclusion and Belonging: It can help people feel included and valued while facilitating social networks, lifelong friendships, and a sense of belonging.

  • Mental Health and Well-being: Isolation can lead to loneliness, anxiety, and depression, which are common among people with disabilities. Active community engagement can help prevent these negative feelings and improve mental health.

  • Access to Opportunities: Being an involved member of society increases access to employment opportunities, educational programs, and health services. Community participation opens doors to new experiences, learning opportunities, and personal growth.

  • Assistance with Self Care Activities NDIS: NDIS community participation activities play a pivotal role in facilitating self care activities, enabling individuals to enhance their independence and overall well-being.

  • Enriching Personal Lives: Community involvement allows individuals to explore their interests, passions, and talents. It provides a platform for self-expression, personal fulfilment, and making meaningful contributions to society.

What Does Short Term Accommodation at Sheltering Arms Include?

At Sheltering Arms,our NDIS short term accommodation services in Epping can enhance the lives of people with disabilities. Here’s what our short term accommodation includes:

  • We help you find the right style of accommodation for your needs

  • We pair you with the right support worker for the duration of your stay

  • Our services empower you to participate in group events with like-minded individuals

  • Our registered NDIS disability service providers will help you adjust to new surroundings and become more self-sufficient.

  • Our NDIS Respite Accommodation offers a supportive living environment for people requiring a break from their usual caregiving responsibilities.

  • Our Home Care Assistance provides personalised support and care services to enhance the independence of participants in the comfort of their own homes.

Why Choose Sheltering Arms As Your NDIS Registered Provider in Epping

Over the years, we have established an excellent network of medical experts and support staff who are committed to delivering the right level and quality of assistance to people with disabilities. Our personalised approach helps us to develop strategies and plans that are tailored to your requirements.

At Sheltering Arms, we have fostered a beautiful and supportive community for you to connect with others and form lifelong friendships and a sense of belonging. To book an appointment and discuss your requirements in detail, call us on 1300 952 289 or email us at info@shelteringarms.net.


Our Values


We value honesty above all else. A strict policy of non-tolerance is adopted in Sheltering Arms against false promises, corruption, lying, and thieving.


All of these values lead to trust. Your trust in us with your health or your loved one’s health is the fuel that keeps us motivated to do better, be better, and above all to give our best. Sheltering Arms is here to build a long-lasting relationship based on respect and trust.


Everyone in this world deserves to be treated with dignity and compassion. Our policies and attitude do not change according to people’s looks or ethnicities or cultures. The staff has been trained to treat everyone respectfully.


We are constantly trying to evolve disability care services to improve the existing quality of aid provided. If you need customised care services, we are your go-to people.


We believe that criticism is equally, and sometimes, more important than compliments to grow in life. Feedbacks are the backbone of the service industry. Our team members take ownership of their mistakes and work on self-improvement. Flawless services is something we aspire to provide, and the first step to achieving this goal is accepting that sometimes we falter and personal growth is a constant process.


We know we worthy of our participants trusts we are dependable; faithful; authentic. There’s no way around it, building trust takes time and we have all the time.


If you don’t have your NDIS plan yet, we can help you apply and get ready for your planning meeting.

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Now more than ever, nothing is more important to us at Sheltering Arms than your safety and wellbeing. Our heightened safety protocols ensure that we bring you peace of mind.

Sheltering Arms specialises in 24-hour disability programs for individuals with multiple and complex needs in Melbourne.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide timely, articulate, sustainable and flexible services to promote and support better living standards.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the most reliable service provider across Australia. Being able to provide living support and participation aid in a moment’s notice is our ultimate goal.

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